On patrol

Been flying patrols in Pinnacle City with Skye, the last couple of weeks. Skye has those natural pterodactyl wings and a fair level of telekinesis, which she uses to boost her flying speed, as well help her aim with throwing weapons. I think her favorite weapon is a short re-curve bow she carries a lot. Looks a lot like one of those Turkish or Indian bows, and throws an arrow a good distance. With a little help, she can double the range.

Skye loves flying over the city. This time of year, there are updrafts and crosswinds, and she can glide a long, long time.

Couple of nights ago, we caught a burglar climbing the Bank of Saratoga Building. He had a suit with weird silicone gloves and boots, with a pleated texture that acts like suction cups. The design is based on wall-crawling lizards, like geckos, we learned later. He was sweating and straining, slipping down the glass every so often, I don’t think he factored in how much work it is to actually climb a sheer face, in summer heat. I think he was kind of relieved when we plucked him off the wall and flew him to the county jail.

Looks like the super-villains are on holiday, around here. Checked in with Legacy, they’ve got some reports of activity from Deathknell’s crew. Dire Wolf joined up with them for a few months, but he and Deathknell seem to have butted heads once too often. Last I saw, Dire Wolf was somewhere on the east coast, causing trouble for the Valiants.

Ah, well, Skye’s taking me out to dinner. Maybe something will come up tonight.

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