Nothing much to report…


Well, I’m on probation with Legacy. There’s this whole thing about checking in after any kind of extra-dimensional abduction and I didn’t.

Spent a little time on the west coast with the Guardians. Helped them pack up their offices. Centurion’s moving his operations to Texas and the Guardians are getting their own new HQ north of Fort Worth. They flew out yesterday and I headed back to Pinnacle City.

The quarters here at Legacy are a little cramped, but I haven’t had much time to find a new place, or see about rebuilding. Spent a few hours skimming the action reports for the time I’ve been away. I missed a small alien invasion, something called the Kh’yot Hegemony tried to lay claim to the Solar System. Earth’s heroes and a Noerian Peace-keeping Force detachment drove them off. The Noerians have really stepped up, since the Overguards were wiped out. I’ve only met the one Noerian, Ragnar, and as I understand it, he’s something of a throwback who likes adventure and action. From what I’ve read, they’re into oneness with the universe and such. Big in the “soft” psi powers, like telepathy, and such, but those are a pretty decent advantage when  you’re sniffing out trouble spots. Add to that, technology that makes Star Trek look like Gunsmoke.

Yoiks! The Elysian girls want to go out on patrol. They want me to be their guide around Pinnacle City, but I dunno how much good I’ll do, having been gone so long. Still, it’s always fun to hang out with those two, Mysti’s glittery pseudo-magicks can come in handy with apprehending bad guys and Skye’s got wings and, well, I have a thing for winged women.  Gonna head out, now.

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