West Coast

Headed out to the west coast to see what the Guardians are up to. Haven’t seen them since they moved out there to start the team with Centurion.

I heard that Adler is having a baby, soon. She’s been seen all over Europe with another winged hero, Gyrfalcon. Little winged babies sound cute, but my mind drifts to the horror of poopy diapers from above.

The interstellar intrigue is getting a little weird. With the Overguards rendered inactive, there’s no interstellar organization to keep one star empire from devouring the neighboring star republic, etc. We got a report from the lunar base that said the M’wann were making moves on the Kuldar. Neither have been very friendly to Earth in the past, so it’s hoped we won’t have to take sides in the conflict. We’re lucky in that the solar system is kind of a galactic backwater, and we don’t really impinge on interstellar politics in a big way.

Well, I’m headed west. I got clearance to go super-sonic once I’m clear of the city. Looking forward to some sun after this winter. Cold doesn’t bother me so much, but the gray days get to me after awhile. I’m thinking I should move my base of ops. I like being in Pinnacle City, so close to Legacy HQ, but it’s something to think about.

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