Back in business!

Okay, I know, it has been a long time, but I’m finally back in action.

I’ve worked out with Omega Unit’s training bots so long, now, I can tell them apart by the dents and scratches. Once we figured out why my powers were acting up, it was just a matter of retraining my energy absorbing ability, by exposure to a variety of energy sources. It was tedious, but I’m back to my old self.

Went out on patrol last night, it was cold and snow had fallen earlier in the evening. About 2 a.m. I found this guy in clunky armor trying to break into an office on the 31st floor of the Morrow Building… from the outside. He was trying to be sneaky, obviously, or he woulda just punched through the glass and gone in. The office belongs to Aldrich Innovations, a consulting and design firm. Norm Aldrich made a name for himself, a few years back, by bringing two floundering software companies together to form Awestruck Inc., the 3rd largest PC game maker.

No idea what they’d be doing that would interest a super-villain, but hey, when you catch them in the act of B&E, the why is less important than the stopping them. Or something like that.

Anyway, I plucked him off the side of the building and he kicked me with his boot jets. It was obvious he hadn’t heard of me, because he kept tossing plasma bolts at me and flashing me with those jets. I was eating it up, charging up for my attack and all. I realize I’m laughing, like a kid, with the excitement of the chase.

Amp -v- Metalstorm

So, there we are, twisting and turning our way over downtown, between buildings and such.

I’m laughing, and I can hear him shouting angrily, but his helmet is muffling his words and I just don’t care about his plans being folied or whatever. I’m the good guy, he’s the bad guy, there’s the jail cell.

We were nearing the edge of downtown and he kicked his jets on high and boosted out ahead of me. I let him go for a bit, pull away, until he’s just a speck on the horizon, but when I look at him in the infrared he’s a flare, a bright beacon.  So, I roll and shoot up into the sky, gaining a few thousand feet and then pour my stored energy into speed. Like a rocket I’m streaking across the sky, just like I’ve practiced and the flare of his jets is getting so big I switch back to normal eyesight. I’m doing nearly mach 2, in my dive and I flash past him almost bfore he knows I’m there. As I close, I focus a beam of microwave energy on his back-mounted jets. One of them blows almost instantly, sending him into a tumbling spiral down to the snowy passes of Overlook Mountain. He’s got just enough control to make a hard-but-safe landing and I expend some more energy in braking.

I had him pretty much stripped of armor by the time the Special Services transport arrived.

Oh, he was ranting about Aldrich taking over the world with some kind of new cel phone. I don’t know what he was talking about, but hey, I’ll look into it. Villains aren’t completely mad, like they are in the movies, there may be something going on that needs a look and I know some people who look for a living.

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