On the mend…

Well, well…
It looks like I was right. The Overguard device I carried was one of the set usually carried by an Overguard to channel the power of the Crimson Flame, the sentient quasar that powered and directed the Overguards. It’s power is manifest as a psionic plasma that is shaped and controlled by the wielder’s thoughts. Sort of artificial telekinesis.

Even without the full set, I was channelling energy from it all the time. I didn’t even know it, but I was becoming dependent on it, even when there was other energy I could use. I’m on Citadel Island, now, working out in a special environment gym. At random intervals, the background energy spectrum in the room changes and I adapt to it, to fuel my workout. Part of the workout has me converting energy from one form to another, with instruments to help me refine my control. I should be stronger than ever, when we’re done and capable of finer control that ever before. That’s the hope, anyway.

Esprit has been especially attentive, I think she likes me a little too much. I mean, yeah, she just turned 17, and all that, but geez, she’s like a sister to me. At least she’s been getting out some, I heard she’s been teaming up with the Young Guns, lately.

Dr. Omega says his interdimensional sensors are picking up some kind of disturbance in the ether. It could be trouble in a parallel reality that’s causing tremors in those around it. Or, it could be something coming our way. It’s impossible to tell, even for Tesseract, whose powers let her sense a lot more than any instrument humans have been able to build. Wait and see. He’s called a tele-conference between the various super-teams to warn them.

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