Another new suit…

Well, my nifty alien Overguard suit finally bit the dust. It stopped self-repairing and spots where it had previously healed began tearing under minor strain. I contacted Dr. Omega and had them run off a few of our SmartSkins (TM) in my colors. They’re not as adaptable as the Overguard suits, but they’re better than fighting crime in my sweat pants.

The other day I was involved in a fight with Magister and his Demi-human Liberation Army. I sympathize with the demi-humans, but this guy is always trying to liberate his people so they, and everyone else, can be his subjects. Not my idea of liberty.

He attempted to breach Legacy HQ to steal something from Dr. Oblivion’s stash of magical artifacts. He got into the HQ, but as far as we can tell, he didn’t get what he came for.

I just realized I haven’t shown my updated costume since the big cross-time battle. This is my new SmartSkin (TM) version. I made a little alteration, since I no longer have the Overguard power gem. They tell me we already have over a hundred regular customers for SmartSkins and with their versatility, we’ll have more in the future. Its comfortable, too.

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